Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hello! My name is...

Hello, my name is Jasmyn.  I'm really excited about this first blog! I've been wanting to start one for the longest and didn't know how easy it really was.  Now I'm required to have one for this news writing summer class I'm taking.  I am a Public Relations major, and am happy to be adding this blog to my portfolio.  Although the main focus of my blogs will be focused on and around entertainment (music, movies, sports), my future blogs will also cover fashion, politics, advice, etc.  I hope to bring interesting and exciting topics to my readers.  I want to encourage my readers to broaden their minds through the use of words and pictures.  I want to spark controversy, emotion, and opinions.  I believe I've made the purpose of my blog clear.  So let the real blogging begin!!

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